Tracking the Shift of the Ages into 2013

Dear Planetary Family

jan12It has been said that if you are living on this planet at this historic time, your Soul chose to be here to participate in the Great Shift of the Ages. Indigenous Maya, Hopi, Iroquois, Vedic and Mongolian traditions of wisdom (to name just a few) share the same perspective: that the closing of the 26,000 year Mayan Calendar Cycle on December 21, 2012 assists us to leave behind the Old Paradigm of exploitive power.

A profound choice point has arrived. What is happening with this process of the Great Shift of the Ages as we journey into 2013?

As humanity struggles with the consequences of millennia of self-serving love of power, we are collectively making the Great Turning. Individually and collectively, we are grappling with the New Paradigm, that of oneness– one planetary family. We are realizing that All Life is interconnected. We are each unique expressions of the One Life.

The new Mayan Calendar count has begun. The Maya and other Indigenous cultures are continuing to track the next 26,000 year astronomical cycle of five Long Counts as they continue to interpret how the cosmic forces of Creation are influencing human evolution towards higher consciousness.


♥ Unprecedented Cosmic Support

The newly arriving Cosmic and Solar energies are seen by many Indigenous Elders as empowering our return to unity. The impressive Galactic Alignment that occurred December 21- 22, 2012 is seen as delivering to Earth unprecedented cosmic support for us to shift into a New Earth consciousness: the power of Love.

When Ac Tah, Mayan spiritual teacher from the Yucatan, was in Pittsburgh at the end of 2012, he spoke about this Galactic Alignment: The Earth, our Moon and our Sun aligned with the Dark Rift (the Dark Hole) our Milky Way Galaxy. Such an alignment is known by the Maya to occur only at the closing of each 26,000 year cycle that their Calendars track. Ac Tah described this alignment as functioning like a great Cosmic mirror, harnessing and magnifying all these synchronized frequencies of Oneness and beaming them, laser-like, to Earth.

I was astonished to personally discover an even more profound planetary line-up than I had been prepared for. When I viewed the cosmic event in real time, on my “Planet Finder” smart-phone “app,” in addition to the Earth-Moon-Sun-Dark Rift alignment, I also witnessed Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. They were all visible in a straight arrow line-up on either side of the Sun.

After I shared my visual experience of this rare Galactic Alignment with my 91 year old Mother, she later told me, “I keep thinking about that cosmic line-up you saw. I think that is the perfect way for the Deity to send Love to the planet. Every day I think about that, and I feel so grateful.” Me too, Mom!

With this Cosmic energetic support, it will likely become easier to mobilize, find collaborators of like-vision, and take transformational action. In fact, it may feel increasingly compelling to do so. The New Earth of peace and harmony is created from our empowered, aware choices. As the Hopi prophecy reminds us, “WE are the Ones….”

Yet at the same time, on our world stage we are painfully aware of extreme news stories depicting cruel acts of violence, domination and control. In our personal lives, there are still intense challenges. Many are exhausted, cynical, despairing. How do we make sense of this relentless process of challenge and breakdown, and still maintain hope for and commitment to the necessary transformation?

♥ The Necessary Turbulence of Changing Direction

Few can escape the impact of this profound personal and planetary turmoil as we emerge from the closing of the old cycle and its concluding Galactic Alignment, moving from 2012 to 2013. It can help to know that this is a necessary chaos. Indigenous teachers, such as Ohky Simine Forest explain that the extreme turbulence we are experiencing is created by the changing of evolutionary directions, from the life-destroying direction of separation, greed and domination to the life-serving direction of oneness, sharing, and greater good.

Think of it this way: Observe what happens as you stir your coffee or tea counter-clockwise. Now change the direction of your stirring to clock-wise. When the spoon you are moving through the liquid changes directions, it creates a perturbation, a turbulent energy in the waters. Likewise, this pervasive sense of planetary turbulence is an expression of our necessary correction of evolutionary direction. This is where we stand in the process of our transformation on Earth.

We are in the chaos of reversing directions, before the coherent momentum of the new evolutionary direction of our stirring gathers into a visible force. Thank Heavens we are receiving unprecedented Cosmic support! We need it!

So how do we shift into the desired experiences of interconnection, compassion and oneness as we emerge from millennia of separation, fear and greed consciousness? How do we proceed?

♥ The Breakdown is the Doorway to the Breakthrough

We proceed with awareness and conscious intention, aligned with committed action. We proceed empowered by the full consciousness of standing exactly where we are: grappling with the personal and planetary SHADOW, as it presents on both the inner and the outer Stage of Life.

Transformation requires that we enter into the Shadow of the wounded self and the broken world, without averting our eyes or going numb. Spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle describes the Shadow as the personal and the collective “Pain-Body,” and he describes the transformative power of allowing full awareness of “what is.” This process of awareness allows the breakdown to reveal the doorway to the breakthrough. We take responsibility for healing, for cleaning up the impacts of our inner and outer messes.

“Personal transformation creates planetary transformation,” as I am fond of saying.

Becoming clear about what we don’t want inspires the question, “what do you want instead?” And we “follow the Good.” As Barbara Marx Hubbard’s global Birth 2012 vision has proposed: Look for what is working. Find those making that happen. Join them.

♥ Global Stage: Patriarchal War on Women; Indigenous Honoring of Women

Currently one of the most intense and dramatic arenas of this global breakdown as humanity changes evolutionary directions is the escalating global war on women and the Feminine. The ending of our counter-evolutionary movement into separation consciousness includes the ending of Patriarchal domination– but not without the turbulence. The substantial progress in women’s rights globally during these last decades of the ending of the Mayan Calendar has met with a viscous backlash.

It is fascinating to me that the final Mayan Long Count of roughly 5,125 years marking the end of their Calendar coincides with the historic record of intensified Patriarchal systems of cultural and religious domination by the masculine. According to the Mayan Count, that cycle began on August 11, 3114 BCE. and it ended December 21, 2012. Patriarchy as the institution of power-over and domination is ending with this Long Count. And globally we see increased resistance to relinquishing the old idea of power as self-serving control and exploitation of others.

Filling the mainstream news airwaves the opening days of 2013: we learned about the Taliban bombings of schools for girls; the 14 year-old girl shot in the head by the Taliban for blogging that girls have a right to learn in Pakistan; the savage gang rape and murder of a female student on a bus in India; the Facebook video of a smirking Ohio male bragging that his friends were in process of gang-raping a girl…and multiple other violent exploitive stories.

It is stunning to notice that the evidence of an escalating global “war on women,” as mainstream media now labels it, is simultaneously being countered by an equally dramatic context, of global Indigenous ceremonies honoring women. But these alternate news headlines are not yet widely known….

Filling the “below the radar” news airwaves the opening days of 2013: Mayan Grand Elder, 13th Generation Mayan High Priest Don Alejandro conducted a ceremony to transfer the “Staff of Leadership” to Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo, representing the transfer of planetary power from the Masculine to the Feminine.

Don Alejandro and the men in this ceremony honored the women present on behalf of all women. This ceremony occurred in fulfillment of Mayan prophecies, and expresses their wisdom tradition of Balance, of maintaining a necessary balance of power through ensuring alternating cycles of gender authority. 2012 ended the cycle of male authority. Similar ceremonies were performed by many Indigenous Tribes all over the world, as documented with their permission by author and ceremonial collaborator Drunvalo Melchizedek. (per his books, Serpent of the Light Beyond 2012, and The Mayan Ouroboros)

The breakdown paving the way to the breakthrough is happening right now on the global stage, as these extreme events galvanize women worldwide into solidarity and united action. Seen as “women’s Arab Spring” and “the feminist tsunami,” the movement is inspiring masses of women and those who love them to come together on Valentine’s Day 2013. Gathering locally to express global solidarity, to “strike, dance, rise,” women are reclaiming dignity, ownership of their bodies, and celebrating their beauty, creativity and power…and “breaking the chains” of Patriarchal domination.

(One of the local Pittsburgh events is scheduled from noon to 2 PM at Market Square downtown. Check out the website to locate, organize and/or support an event near you.)

So right here and now we witness the necessary turbulence of changing evolutionary directions. Humanity’s evolutionary task is to integrate opposites into Balance: the Masculine and the Feminine, the Human and the Divine, the Earth and the Cosmic. In this process of integration, we become Whole Persons able to co-create a Whole Planet…and to usher in the Golden Era of Peace.

♥ Embodying the Transformation: From Conqueror to Bodhisattva

The way I understand it, the Great Shift of the Ages is about “Being the change,” as Gandhi put it. EMBODYING the transformation…this requires each person’s inner shift from fear to embodying power—but a transformed power– the power to serve Life rather than to exploit it for self-serving ends.

This shift from the love of power to the power of Love changes the prevailing planetary archetype from the Conqueror to the Bodhisattva.

The Bodhisattva’s story is that even though she has reached personal enlightenment as the Goddess of Compassion, she refuses her reward of Nirvana. Instead she insists on remaining on Earth to assist ALL beings to become enlightened and able to ascend with her. I see THAT story as embodying the current transformation of the concept of “power.”

I am reminded of Marianne Williamson’s revolutionary quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask, who am I to be brilliant…? Actually, who are you NOT to be?…Your playing small does not serve the world…As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

As I see it, we are exactly where we need to be on this sacred planet. We are facing our fears as we stand fiercely in the chaos of the Transformation, healing the Shadow of the personal and planetary Pain-Body. We are committing to the new direction of evolutionary movement towards wholeness and unity… with Bodhisattva consciousness.

From here we take a stand for the highest visions of the possible, based on what matters most. From here we begin the deepest most committed process of embodying the change we want to see in the world. As in: I AM the miracle. As in: I AM the highest path. As in:  I AM the home of Love. As in: I AM “Another Yourself” –which is the way Oneness is expressed in the Mayan greeting, “In Lak’esh”.

This New Earth of Oneness emerges from each and every one of us. We are not separate. I know this to be so. I will never forget the words given to me from the loving consciousness of Mother Earth at the sacred site of the Serpent Mound, as told in my story, The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth:

“I am in you. You are in me. We belong to each other.”

vikki1lightHappy 2013. May we commit to bring such momentum to this evolutionary change of directions that the chaos does not have to endure long.

In Lak’esh

(I am Another Yourself),

Vikki Hanchin


Joy Not Fear: Preparing for the December 21, 2012 Shift

Dear Planetary Friends

Here we are, in the “countdown” for December 21. 2012– the much publicized and much misunderstood closing of the Mayan Calendar and the Great Shift of the Ages. Everything that I have learned firsthand, from three Mayan Elders and a Taino/Mayan Elder, and other Indigenous Elders confirms that this cosmic opportunity for transformation is too important to squander.

What should we do to prepare? Stay focused on joy not fear. I will explain why, why that really matters, and how to do so. Please share this information widely, as I am hearing that fear has been increasing due to profound misrepresentation of the authentic Mayan message, for which I have been privileged to be a mouthpiece. If you already know the basics, just skip down to “Come to the Global Birth Party” and read from there.

Rare Galactic Alignments Bringing Transformational Energies


The historic 26,000 year cosmic cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes tracked by the Long Counts of the Mayan Calendar (and many other spiritual and Indigenous traditions) is coming to a close on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012. And it is being punctuated by cosmic activity: a rare Galactic alignment of our Earth and Sun with the Dark Hole in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, called the Galactic Center. Then the Mayan Calendar resets to zero, and a new Calendar count begins tracking the next 26,000 year cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes. But why is all this so significant?

The Maya were not simply tracking cosmic cycles and alignments with their astounding technology and science. They were tracking cycles of the evolution of consciousness. And this 26,000 year cycle’s final Galactic alignment signifies cosmic support for a leap of consciousness by humanity. A shift of consciousness into greater oneness and the power of Love.

During this Galactic alignment timeframe (energetically peaking across the three days of December 21, 22, and 23, according to some of the Mayan Elders), the Earth, the Sun and the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy are in a straight line. That alignment is understood by many Indigenous Elders and many spiritual traditions as bringing transformational energies to Earth. At a spiritual/energetic level this alignment is about interconnection. Unity. Oneness. Our human hearts become connected with the Heart of the Earth, the Heart of the Sun, and the Heart of our Galaxy. The pulse of the Universal Life force is in a unifying alignment.

In the process, humanity is supported in shifting out of a limited ego-ic consciousness of separation, and into an expanded spiritually-based consciousness of interconnection. It becomes less compelling to operate from fear, greed, exploitation and domination. It becomes more natural to operate from compassion, loving kindness, cooperation and sharing. We are more empowered from within to reclaim Earth as a Home of Love. We let go of the love of power. This is to be celebrated and embraced, not feared.

We Are Co-Creating Our Future…NOW

New Earth New DivineHumanAnd, if we are willing to step out of the usual busyness and pay attention, we will be able to notice a great sense of intimate interconnection with all levels of Creation. Are you interested in having that experience? If you miss it this time, you will have to wait another 26,000 years for the opportunity!

So, we are privileged to be living at this momentous time, to bear witness to this process, but more importantly, to participate as Conscious Co-Creators bringing forth the world we most long for and are increasingly able to create: A New Earth of peace, justice, harmony, heart, love, creative self-expression and beauty. (Add your own transformational adjectives here…!)

Ac Tah, Mayan spiritual teacher from the Yucatan, taught us that if only 10% of the populations the U.S and Mexico can remain focused on the experiences of joy and peace, it will shift things for all the rest of us. The power of even the square root of 1% of the population meditating for peace has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce crime within a 100 mile radius (google the Transcendental Meditation experiments). It turns out that our thoughts and especially our feelings do matter; they are co-creative. Conscious choice is the key factor here. We had best make it GOOD, Honey!

A Window of Opportunity; Not an Apocalyptic Event

It bears repeating: This Galactic alignment ending the Mayan Calendar is not an apocalyptic event, but a magnificent window of opportunity for a human upgrade of consciousness, that each person must step into and open up in their own way, to participate from their heart and Soul. It truly is up to each of us to make it good.

In truth, we have been in this “window” for several years. Most of you have probably already noticed this! Overall, humanity’s consciousness has been progressing towards greater spiritual awareness, compassion, and caring interconnection…despite what the nightly news would have us believe. Much of this shift is happening “under the radar.”

cosmic spiral The planetary upgrade process (as I am fond of calling it) was inaugurated by the Harmonic Convergence planetary alignments of 1987, amplifying the consciousness of the Feminine frame of reference: right-brain frequencies of heart, right-relationship, intuition, feelings, creativity, and interconnection. It ramped up in 1998 with the planetary alignments at that time. It peaks at December 21, 22, and 23, 2012.

The transformational impact of the December 21, 2012 Galactic alignment continues beyond 2012, according to Mayan Elders Don Alejandro, Grandmother Flordemayo and Ac Tah (who all came to Pittsburgh, PA to teach their authentic messages) and according to other planetary workers and visionaries who are working with these processes.

(See and

Come to the Global Birth Party

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of these “others,” an 80-something year old non- Indigenous planetary visionary, who has inspired a BIG plan for this Shift of the Ages. Her vision begins on the day after the Mayan Calendar ends, December 22, 2012, with global “Hub” based celebrations focusing on finding what is working worldwide, as the basis for expanding the good.

Birth 2012Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “BIRTH 2012” planetary birth celebration plans can be found online at and .  Her plans include “three days of Love” (December 20, 21, 22) with millions of registered participants infusing the “Noosphere” (the collective heart/mind consciousness) with our experiences of love, Oneness with each other, and our highest visions of co-creative culture. And a big global celebration will be live-streamed on December 22.

Local communities (and individuals!) are invited to set up their own related Birth 2012 events, and to register to participate in the live streaming of the Shift Network’s global events on December 22. Our local Pittsburgh PA Birth 2012 gathering plans can be found at The point is to be the change we want to see…feel the change…take aligned action for the change…and do this with Kindred Spirits …you get the drift. It is prophetic and totally true, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

What to Do Post 2012?

After the hubbub dies down, the real work to find what is really working across the planet that supports our highest visions must accelerate. We will be inspired to find the others who share our passions and visions and to join them in creative collaboration, to continue manifesting the highest vision of a New Earth and a New Humanity based in the power of Love.

What will this look like? How will we do this?

bookMy newly published book, The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth is my timely true story that not only guides us into the landscape of this transformed post-2012 New Earth, but shows with vivid miracles and synchronicities how to bring forth this longed-for future. My story chronicles astonishing examples that all levels of Creation are aware, and are participating in this Shift of the Ages with us. And the invitation becomes irresistible to co-create with this loving Intelligence within Creation, expressing through Nature– through our Mother Earth—to write the next story of Creation together….an Era of Peace.

What do I mean by this? Read more about my book here. Or better, read my book!

The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth is available in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats, and through my website,

You can also order it through the publisher at, through, and through your favorite booksellers.

In the local Pittsburgh PA area, Journeys of Life Bookstore and Gift Shop in Shadyside is carrying my book. I love supporting independent book stores, and this one is a jewel.

So here, dear Planetary Friends,

 is my recommendation for the best preparation for the ending of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the Shift of the Ages:

remain in your hearts,

attuned in sacred listening,

in compassion and commitment;

stay focused on joy and peace;

and continue feeling and creating your highest vision of a transformed New Earth.


Celebrate its emergence through us all.

I love Rumi’s poetry that sums all this complexity in a simple verse:

vikki1lightSomething big is coming…it’s still secret, but arriving everywhere!


See you in the post 2012 transformed New Earth…



Vikki Hanchin

Becoming Seers and Sayers

October 26, 2012

 @ Vikki Hanchin

Preparing for Our Planetary Re-Birth

We are living in the historic timeframe of the end of the Mayan Calendar. A 26,000-year cycle is ending, as well as the Long Count of roughly 5200 years. So far, it looks like a chaotic, negative, polarized mess down here! What is going on with this predicted Shift of the Ages as we count down to December 21, 2012?

The authentic Mayan message is a wake-up call to shift humanity into a higher consciousness of Oneness on our planet. So, how will we make the predicted and necessary planetary rite of passage, from the love of power to the power of Love? How will humanity shift into a transformed consciousness of unity, to create a greater-good world that sustains a harmonious quality of life for all?

I hear concerned and conscious people asking these questions with a sense of urgency. And rightly so.

I am moved and thrilled to share with you my personal, intimate and surprising answer to these questions in my newly published book, The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth. My true story, documented over two years’ time, guides us into the landscape of a transformed post-2012 New Earth. Read my story, and share these miraculous revelations of the New Earth with me.

Choosing to be Part of the Miracle

I invite you to journey with me hand-in-hand, into this transformed future.

And I want to tell you, the experiences of Oneness in this New Earth are profound. The glimpses and outright revelations of the New Earth that were shown to me, to Grandmother Dona, and to other co-journeyers in the story, make it completely clear that all levels of Creation are aware, and are participating in this Shift of the Ages with us. What do I mean by this?

In one extraordinary experience after another we were shown that the animals, the insects, the birds, the waters, clouds, stones, stars, the Nature spirits, the Ancestors—they are all assisting in this momentous transformation with us. We were shown that a loving Intelligence is expressing through Nature– through Gaia Mother Earth– inviting you and me into an intimate relationship to co-create together, with Life. Would you like to be part of that miracle? How is that possible?

Well, here is how it happened for me:

Out of deep concern for the future of the Earth and humanity, I offered myself in service, to be a mouthpiece for Mother Earth. That is when amazing things started happening. Grandmother Flordemayo (the Mayan Grandmother of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers) contacted me to introduce me to Mohawk Grandmother Dona, who is connected to the ancient sacred site of the Serpent Mound in Ohio Our adventure together began.

Grandmother Dona and I began our adventure at Ohio’s ancient Serpent Mound and in Western Pennsylvania, following the “trail of guidance” to become Sacred Seers and Sacred Sayers on behalf of this arriving New Earth. We became the witnessing eyes and the mouthpiece for the transformed future. As we journeyed, nine other Pittsburghers became a part of our story. And so did Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo and the world’s leading researcher on the Serpent Mound, Ross Hamilton.

Learning to Become Sacred Seers and Sacred Sayers

I soon realized that Gaia Mother Earth had taken me up on my offer to serve as her mouthpiece. Gaia quite literally began using my voice as “The Sayer” in a surprising shamanic process at the Serpent Mound. I also received five song downloads from animals and Nature Spirits…songs that all vividly describe the New Earth consciousness of Oneness, of humanity’s “Indigenous Soul, Original, Whole, seeing with Sacred Eyes.”

These five songs describe a humanity whose heart is open and receptive. “The magic of the Earth—She will dream through us/Our hearts so open Love will stream through us” A loving Intelligence speaking through Nature invites us: “Come weave a web with me—Beauty for all to see…All Life expressing unity… Weaving a New Earth Dream.” These are some of the lines from songs downloaded to me, astonishing me, since I am neither a songwriter nor a singer.

The ongoing revelations from Gaia Mother Earth that we witness, and the reconstructed visions from Ross Hamilton’s research of the reclaimed “medicine days” of the Serpent Mound become inspiring and compelling glimpses into our next Golden Age on Earth. And the invitation becomes irresistible to co-create with this loving Intelligence within Creation, expressing through Nature– through our Mother Earth—to write the next story of Creation together.

So, just as Grandmother Dona and I were guided to become Sacred Seers and Sacred Sayers, witnessing and calling forth the transformed New Earth, so can you. It turns out that we need a massive planetary army of Sacred Seers and Sacred Sayers—also called “Rainbow Warriors,” as one of the Indigenous prophecies has foretold. And we are now quite familiar with another compelling prophecy: We are the ones we have been waiting for. And we need to make it GOOD, Honey!

Which Experience Would You Rather Have?

Quantum physics has demonstrated that the outcome of any experiment is influenced by what the researcher is looking for. Well, humanity’s experiment is Life. We are influencing the outcome. Are we looking at our future with eyes of fear? Of hate? Of cynicism?

Most of the world longs for a better future, and many feel hopeless about how to make a difference. The Seer and The Sayer reveals an extraordinary transformed version of what that future holds, and how each individual can participate in bringing it forward.

In a world wildly out of balance where alienation and disconnection are prevalent experiences, The Seer and The Sayer provides a personalized rite of passage into a New Earth, where the prevailing experience is belonging, feeling in love with all of life, and participating as conscious co-creators with a loving aware Universe.

Which experience would you rather have?

Let’s Co-create this New Earth of Oneness Together.

The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth is available in paperback, hardback and e-book formats through my website, You can also get it through the publisher, Balboa Press, through, and through your favorite booksellers.

I welcome your feedback, of what my story opens up for you. I appreciate your support, through book reviews posted to and my Balboa Press website ( for The Seer and The Sayer.

Also, I am available for book signing events, speaking engagements and discussions. I am confirming plans to speak about my book at Journeys of Life bookstore in Shadyside on November 9th and at the Theosophical Society at Chatham College, November 11, on “Living in the Oneness of a Post-2012 New Earth.” The public is invited to both events. I will send out details of these speaking dates in my next newsletter. I hope to see you there. For more information contact me at

Now is the time.

Let’s co-create this New Earth of Oneness together.

We need to make it GOOD, Honey!

In Unity, Peace and Joy

  Victoria Hanchin

Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, wholistic psychotherapist, visionary activist, workshop facilitator, speaker, word-smith and bridge-builder, and mother of two sons.

In her role as a word-smith and bridge-builder, Vikki writes integrative articles that find a common language connecting ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science and understanding. She has researched the fields of conscious human evolution, quantum physics and human consciousness, positive psychology, and ancient spiritual/wisdom traditions, and discovered that they are all saying the same thing: we are at the transformation point in human consciousness on the planet now.  Her intent is to assist the great awakening of our time through expanding our understanding of what it means to be fully human, and through reclaiming the feminine, right-brain aspects of consciousness and life values.

Her philosophy is that as each individual heals, that healing is added to the collective healing on the planet. She believes that it is critical at this time on Earth that each person do their part to heal, to awaken to their magnificence, and to contribute to the greater good.

Vikki lives in Pittsburgh, offering wholistic psychotherapy in her private practice for over 25 years, and raising her two sons here. She has become quite a fan of Pittsburgh and its sacred geography of the converging three rivers and the fourth underground river, which her research revealed are connected to the ancient Mayan 2012 prophetic teachings.

The Shift is Hitting the Fan: Tuning in to 11-11-11

© Vikki Hanchin, October 28,  2011


Well, dear co-journeyer on this great human adventure, I am pleased to report that, as a comic (and cosmic!) visionary has aptly declared, “the Shift is hitting the fan!” (from “Swami Beyondananda,” aka Steve Bhaerman, ). Even though global events appear mostly grim and chaotic at the surface, something awesome is happening below the radar. Millions of humans are becoming aware of our interconnection and Oneness. Consciousness is shifting. And I have gathered persuasive evidence of that to share with you.

This Indigenous- predicted 2012 great “Shift of the Ages” is truly about humanity realizing that we are wired with divine essence, and that we have a choice: to wake up and recognize our capacity to collectively co-create a world of unity and joy that works for all, or to stay asleep following the current unsustainable path of separation and greed and succumb to fears and the media-promoted version of 2012 destruction and doom.

This choice is ours; we simply need to commit to which world we want to inhabit. Then we must correlate our personal actions to that vision, and collaborate with others of like heart and mind. Our collective choices create the tipping point—in one direction or the other: separation/destruction or unity/greater good.

Finally more of humanity is choosing unity and we are close to that tipping point. And it appears that all of this is right on schedule, according to the evolution-tracking wisdom of the ancient 2012 Mayan Calendar. (You can read a moving astrological analysis of this “uprising of unity consciousness” as it correlates with author Carl Calleman’s understanding of the Mayan Calendar, from astrologer Carol Ciocco (For the ancient tradition of the Mayan Calendar, see Miguel Sague’s website, ).

Evidence of the “Shift of the Ages” Hitting the Tipping Point

To see evidence of the massive global movement towards the choice for the greater good, it is necessary to look beneath the blaring news-feeds of the mainstream media. They focus on fear, divisive melodrama and violence… because “it sells.” In fact, it is helpful not to overly identify with that version of the superficial parade of “reality,” and to shift focus to below the radar.

Below the radar you will notice evidence such as what Paul Hawken documented on his YouTube video from his Bioneers environmental conference talk. He reports that the largest grassroots movement in all of history is happening right now. It is occurring worldwide, in every nation city and town, and it is not led by any central figure. It is a spontaneous, unstoppable uprising of non-profits, NGO’s and groups focused on serving the greater good, inspired by the Environmental, Social Justice and Indigenous movements….This is a great portrayal of that prophesized “uprising of 2012 unity consciousness.”  ( )

Hawken forgot to mention the enormous contribution of the Women’s Movement’s to this global transformation, but I independently discovered that parallel process and documented it myself. It fits exactly with Hawken’s report. (see “Awakening Women Igniting Global Transformation,”  at

Hawken shows that it would take days of continuous viewing, just to watch an online streaming list of the names of these transformational organizations. He says that the word ”movement” is too small to describe what is happening: “It is a world view…it is the coming world!” But our mainstream media isn’t noticing this mega-phenomenon at all.

What Does “Occupy Wall Street” Have to Do  With It?

 A sampling from the month of October, 2011, shows detectable evidence of “The Shift.” The “Occupy Wall Street” movement gained momentum in 100’s of U.S cities, with the “99%” standing up to confront the greed and corrupt actions of the “1%” that controls 98% of the global wealth—and whose decisions do not serve the greater good. By October 15, the movement had the support of thousands (millions?) more people in almost 900 cities worldwide, who on that same date, stood in solidarity with America’s “99%.” That movement continues. Here in Pittsburgh, PA, we have our own Occupy Pittsburgh contingent that is quite impressive, articulate and peaceful.

This is an important mass awakening, but something is missing. It is a well-known spiritual and energetic truth that what you focus on you energize with your attention, so that is what magnifies and grows. We are waking up to what we don’t want — and it is imperative that next we quickly get clear and focused on what we want instead. Our attention is powerful….in fact, it is creative. As in creating a new reality.

 So, what do we want? Perhaps it is best summarized as letting go of our limiting consciousness of separation, and instead realizing our Oneness.

What Is Oneness?

 Oneness is the now scientifically confirmed spiritual truth of the interconnection of all life. It is recognition that there is only One Life expressing…and we are each unique interdependent facets of that vast, interconnected Universal Life.

 In service to “Oneness,” on that same October 15, Barbra Marx Hubbard held a free global teleconference call, followed by over 43,000 online listeners. Marx Hubbard is an “evolutionary visionary” in her 80’s ( ! ), and her event was called “Birth 2012: The Day of Convergence.” Her vision is to gather humanity’s actions to converge them into “a larger evolutionary movement, each giving our greatest gifts to co-create a Shift for our world.”  In that call, she and other internationally known planetary transformers discussed humanity’s accelerating momentum into oneness, higher consciousness and commitment to bring forth a world that works for all. ( October 15 was a HAPPENING day!

Still in October, on the 24th, another online offering was held by “The Shift Network,” ( )collaborating with “Humanity’s Team” (described as “a civil rights movement for the soul”). This was a day-long series of free conference calls for Global Oneness Day (synchronized with UN Day), with dozens of planetary visionaries and transformers offering wisdom, inspiration and practices in support of humanity’s choice for unity. Their online Oneness activities were joined by many other local ground-level events globally.

The Shift Network and “Humanity’s Team” of over 60,000 global collaborators also offer a  “Declaration of Oneness” that begins with the statement:

“I declare that the message, “We Are All One, inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent, with God/Life/One-another,” is the one spiritual message that the world has been waiting for to bring about loving and sustainable answers to humanity’s challenges.”     (you can read and sign this declaration at

This “Declaration of Oneness” pledge will be delivered to the United Nations with 100,000 signatures. This is yet another grassroots, people-to-people movement. The Shift IS hitting the fan!!

Also occurring on this Global Oneness Day was a noteworthy space event. NASA reported the October 24, 2011, 2pm EDT, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or Solar Flare that unleashed an intense geomagnetic storm on Earth ( ). Twenty-seven states in the US, and parts of Canada witnessed rare all-red aurora borealis night skies. Many  Indigenous tribes pay deep attention to such “sky language.” The Maya understand that humanity is sent impulses of guidance from our “Great Central Sun.” We might wonder what the Heavens are contributing to our “Shift?”

What is this “11-11-11” thing?

Many more thousands are preparing for the imminent 11-11-11 unity events that are occurring locally, globally and online on November 11, 2011, for 11 minutes at 11:11 am.  The number 11 is seen as a “Master Number” representing the transformation of the physical into Divine consciousness– the bridging of duality and Oneness. Planetary visionaries see this date and its numerical energetic frequencies as opening a powerful portal into the “core Heart of Creation,” consciously anchoring the grid of Divine Love into the planet. (see Patricia Cota-Robles )

These 11-11-11 events are similar to those of the August 16th’ 1987 “Harmonic Convergence” global events that were inspired by the new awareness of the Mayan Calendar, and seen as a heart-activating, transforming influx of Divine Feminine energy anchoring into the planet. Both events share the theme of humanity’s attunement to our divine essence and higher consciousness. These 11-11-11 global events will again harness the focused attention and vision of humanity towards imagining and feeling the reality of a New Earth of unity, joy and peace. I recommend this online 11-11-11 Evolutionary Leaders” event. The Full Moon occurring simultaneously will amplify our intentions!

For Pittsburghers reading this, our local “Peaceburgh”  11-11-11 event information can be accessed  at  (Please come!) If you cannot access a  local or online 11-11 event, you can simply meditate on your own (for 11 minutes at 11:11 am), feeling your awareness connecting with millions worldwide who are joining you in feeling the emergence of humanity claiming our divine essence and choosing to co-create a  world of unity, love, peace, sharing and joy. Just FEEL the change you want to see in the world, to paraphrase Gandhi!

The 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace group, completing their year-long walk for peace, is hosting an 11-11-11 celebration in Atlanta, GA. They are honoring several peacemakers who inspired them on their walk—and five of us Peaceburghers are among them! ( )

Message from the Sacred White Buffalo:

 The amazing thing for me as I witness and participate in this Shift process, is that it is not simply a human-generated consciousness-shift. I have personally experienced that the animals, Nature Spirits, and Gaia Mother Earth herself are all co-creating this Shift with us, plus much help from the unseen dimensions  (Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings). We are truly One with all of Creation.

In my last newsletter, “Got Joy?”,  I shared with you the song-message given to me from the Nature Spirits showing their involvement with us: “Come weave a web with me/A rainbow web of harmony…”. ( Find the lyrics to their song-message here ). I have also received a song-message from the Sacred White Buffalo, “Lightning,” born here in Western PA. Lightning is recognized by Indigenous peoples as a prophetic sign to choose unity–now.

Those of you who know me know that I am not a songwriter, poet or singer. These messages are arriving as fully downloaded song-messages. Go figure! I am moved and honored!

Below is Lightning’s song-message that I received in meditation, as I asked for guidance for what my next focus should be in the service of bringing forth this New Earth of unity and joy….Lightning’s message answers with what it FEELS like to live in this New Earth!

My brother, Ron Hanchin was so moved by the message that he went to his Indigenous Bonsuri Indian flute, tuned in to Lightning’s words, and an inspired melody poured through! This video shares the story and includes footage of Lightning and his message with the flute melody ( As I leave you with Lightning’s song-message, remember the truth that “We Are the Ones We Have been Waiting For”….Every person holds a unique piece of the puzzle for contributing to this transformed world of greater good. So… keep choosing unity! Why not create Heaven on Earth?

Message from the Sacred White Buffalo, “Lightning”

© Victoria Hanchin 11-2010


Indigenous Soul: Original, Whole

Seeing with Sacred Eyes

Life’s interconnection, speaking as Blessing

Divinity realized.

In a Sacred way, creative as play

Offering our self-expressions

As gifts freely given, joyously living

Abundance the lesson.

A new way to listen: Oneness the mission

Listening to Creation:

Animals, stones, trees, rivers and bones

Honoring All Our Relations.

Releasing the lies of shallow eyes,

Beholding each other’s beauty.

Freed from the chatter, speaking what matters:

Heart, Soul, Community.

No more separation, now co-creation.

Relating essence-to-essence.

Original Blessing: joy, peace and sharing.

A New Earth expressing Love’s presence.


In Unity and Joy of the New Earth,

Victoria Hanchin,

Got Joy?

2011 will be a pivotal year: do we stay stuck in polarization and fear, or breakthrough into love and joy?

As our nation soberly takes a moment of silence to grieve the hate-fueled Arizona shootings, and other such destructive scenarios, we ponder how to bridge our polarized differences. “Reality,” at the surface, feels grim and perhaps hopeless to many. Yet under the surface is another force…the unstoppable current of joy. It is up to each one of us where we place our most passionate focus.  What we focus on is what we energize and bring forth.

So make it GOOD, honey! Got joy?

There’s a New Story Wanting to Be Told

There’s a new story wanting to be told on Earth beyond the story of greed, domination, and polarization that we hear continuously on our news. It’s a story of joy, interconnection and unity for Earth. You can feel its subtle presence, if you tune in, just under the surface of the loud blaring news-feeds of TV. It is growing more and more noticeable, like soft humming, like a song trying to be remembered, and the melody is easier to recall than the words.

More and more people are remembering the melody of this new song of joy.

The words are becoming more clear too…words like compassion, sharing, understanding, stewardship, respect, peace….

Listening for the Song of Joy

Some people have dedicated themselves to listening, to peeling away the obscuring layers of distraction so that all can hear the joy song of the new story for Earth that wants to be remembered, to be told, to be lived.

The Indigenous peoples have been devoted Keepers of this song of joy and harmony for the Earth, have kept the humming audible over centuries… Indigenous peoples like the Native Americans, the Tibetans, the Vedic tradition keepers of India, the Maya, the Aboriginal Australians.
The Maya have been keeping this joy melody of Creation alive in their Mayan Calendar “Long Count” of 5,125 years. Their prophecies sing about a great human rebirth, occurring on December 21, 2012.

Tuning in to the Joy Station on the Cosmic Radio

Meanwhile, more and more modern Listeners are doing their best to tune into the frequencies of the Joy Station on the Cosmic Radio also.

Here in Pittsburgh, PA, for example, we have a non-profit group called “Dream of the Earth.”( <

>  ). They trace the cosmic trail of evolution forward  from the Big Bang of the Universe, tracking how that original stardust has evolved perfectly, steadily, magnificently, over billions of years, into… “US.” They share stories from the inspired cosmological science of Brian Swimme, and from the moving “geo-theology” teachings of Thomas Berry. 

In their collaboration with First United Methodist Church’s “Planetary Ball,” those gathered danced and sang this joy chant by Gail Ransom:

      “We are, we are, we are STARDUST! We are, we are, we are FIRE!
       We are, we are, we are STARDUST, we are LOVE!!”

Does this song help you remember who you more deeply are, and what you were created for? Does it remind you of the miracle that you are?

The 26,000-Year Due Date for the New Human is Arriving

Here in Pittsburgh we also have the rich work of Indigenous teachers Miguel Sague and Antonio Aj IK ( <

> ), each of whom has grown up with deep knowledge of the Mayan Calendar and its message for our times. On their web site, they have made this inspiring and hopeful information accessible and simple. Through their work, they are helping us remember the ancient melody of joy, this steadily unfolding miracle, counting our due date for the December 21, 2012 birth into the consciousness shift of the New Humanity and the New Earth. This birth date is the culmination of a gestational period for birthing a new paradigm of human consciousness: of our unity with divinity, our recognition of the oneness of all life, our capacity for joy and intentional co-creation.

This amazing gestational period for the New Human is not the usual pregnancy period of 260 Earth days, but is the Cosmic pregnancy period of 260 centuries, or 26,000 years. This birth into the collective awakening of our co-creative participation with Life has taken 26,000 years to grow and ripen. As we emerge into this leap of higher consciousness, it will allow humans to feel at home in the New Earth of Joy…to remember the words to the joy songs, to create together a world of unity and joy that experiences all Life as interconnected.

And in the Yucatan of Mexico, another Indigenous Mayan teacher and spiritual leader, Ac Tah, is beginning to emerge with a U.S. Tour. We are hoping to bring Ac Tah to Peaceburgh in March. Joy is the focus of his tour– to show us how we can recalibrate to receive joy, through teachings and practices revealed to Ac Tah by his Mayan spirit ancestors. His work helps each individual connect with their personal frequency of joy.(


Does joy seem to be the theme for 2011?

These frequencies of joy are surfacing in many places, many ways, through many Listeners, to assist the emergence of the new story of the New Earth…because it is time. 

What is the New Earth?

My understanding of The New Earth is that it represents humanity’s shift from the love of power to the power of love…. Shifting from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of unity… Living from a balance of the masculine and feminine within us and among us…. Seeing our individuality as unique expressions of one great Life Force with which we are in co-creative partnership… Contributing our gifts, talents and dreams for the joy, fulfillment and flourishing of all life…Co-creating through this deep listening and receptivity, aligned with “what Life wants to have happen,”  to bring forth abundance for all as we care for Mother Earth.

What is your sense of the New Earth? What humming are you present to, as the strains of the joy songs subtly arise from beneath the blaring of the loud news-feeds of terror codes and divisive politics? Keep listening….

Grandmother Flordemayo’s Crystal Skull Teachings

Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo ( <> ), of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers ( <>  ), was here in “Peaceburgh” recently to share about her wisdom lineage of the ancient Crystal Skull teachings. She shared that the ancient skulls “are coded with the frequencies of unconditional love and unity, to bring forth all we need to make this shift” into the New Earth of joy. She taught us one of her assistant’s– Ms. Imani’s– songs of joy called, “We Have a New Way to Walk on the Earth.” This song described humanity’s accelerating collaborations, walking together joyfully, on behalf of love, respect, peace, freedom, harmony, abundance, kindness, understanding. ( <>  and <

>  )

Then Grandmother Flordemayo taught us the “Dance of Unity” that she saw in a vision related to Peaceburgh. She said, “I saw the 13 Grandmothers doing this “Dance of Unity” in the Heavens. Dancing behind us were the masses of humanity. This Unity has been done in the Heavens. Now each of you must continue this dance on Earth, to anchor this Unity here.” And then Grandmother Flordemayo left me with a Skull– a Peaceburgh Community Skull– to anchor into
our community these frequencies of unity and love, so that we might send them forth from here. And Flordemayo reminded us that Peaceburgh’s  3(4) Rivers are a portal that magnify these intentions and frequencies of joy, unity and love. (see archived articles at <

>   about the Mayan Elders’ 2007 visit here)

Songs to remember the story of joy…ancient teachings of the power of love… heavenly dances to anchor Unity on Earth. Are you Listening?

Communities of Unity 

In Pittsburgh we also have an inspiring “community of unity,” devoted to bringing forth this New Earth of unity and joy. This group, “The Peaceburgh Transformational Leaders,” was recently identified and honored by a ceremony I created as a community tribute.  This tribute showcased the “10 Pathways of Unity in Action” represented by these leaders’ visions, missions, and work. It is the intention of these Transformational Leaders to grow our Peaceburgh Community of Unity by continuing to identify others we know who are doing the work of unity, and to honor them as our “Transformational Partners”

(learn more at <

> )

What would it be like if every community began to notice, honor and collaborate with those who can hear the songs of joy, who are in action telling the story of the New Earth? (contact me to learn how, <

> )

Ceremonies of Joy 

Very recently I had a dream where I was walking the Earth with a male soul-friend , and we were doing a ceremonial walk to plant the seeds of joy everywhere. I was shown that it was necessary that this be done by a female and a male together, so that the sacred partnership of the divine feminine and the divine masculine would be a foundational part of this story of joy of the New Earth.

I invited my soul-friend to join me, to actually do what this dream showed. And so we have begun doing these ceremonies of joy, in the spirit of sacred partnership, following our respective guidance received from deep listening. We are discovering a shared feeling that “it is done.”  We are present to the power of intention and choice as the laser beams, for co-creating with Spirit, the story of joy that wants to be told, to be heard, to be lived on the New Earth.

Come Weave a Web With Me

Another of my visions for 2011 is to create a June 11/12 Ceremony of Unity here in Peaceburgh, celebrating a reunion of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and honoring  the Indigenous wisdom ways as “portals to a transformed world”…which was chosen as the theme for a national  ACEP Energy Healing conference, integrating Indigenous wisdom and modern healing practices ( <

> ) . More news about that later.

What can you do to bring forth the songs of joy for this story of the New Earth in 2011? Whatever it is, large or small, make it GOOD, honey!! Whatever we do, on whatever scale, we will be assisted. This was shown to me in a dramatic way.

In one of my recent collaborations with a Mohawk Grandmother, Grandmother Dona, we were following our deep listening in partnership with Spirit and Nature at the Serpent Mound in Ohio. I was gifted with a joyous song from the Nature

Spirits there. I wish that I could sing it to you, the tune is so joy-filled. But I will have to be content with leaving you with their words, which confirm that we are not bringing forth this New Earth alone, and that Joy is definitely the theme of the New Earth story. Here is their song to us:

 “Come weave a web with me,
  a rainbow web of harmony,
  Come weave a web with me.

  Come weave a web with me,
  beauty for all to see,
  Come weave a web with me.

  Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream
  Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream.

   Come weave a web with me,
   fulfillment, joy and ecstasy,
   Come weave a web with me.

   Come weave a web with me,
   Life expressing unity,
   Come weave a web with me.

   Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream,
   Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream.”

So I invite you to keep tuning in to the Joy Station, no matter how loud those toxic news-feeds blare! 2011 is THE time to breakthrough to joy and strongly establish its presence within the new story of the New Earth. Our 2012 rebirth is around the corner. So make it GOOD, honey!

Much Love and Joy to you,
Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin <



The transformative power of Returning to “Conversations that Matter”

Did you know that a group that listens deeply to one another uncovers their “collective wisdom”? How would the world be different if we had more of THAT going on in our communities?

 Well, I am excited to share with you that this amazing phenomenon is occurring here in Pittsburgh, PA, starting with the women. Over 70 Pittsburgh women, racially diverse, from their teens to their seventies, have been experiencing the transformative power of “conversations that matter” at the first two Awakening Women Cafés, launched this winter and spring.

 These conversation-based Cafés are named to reflect their topic, “What Happens When Women Wake Up?” (by the book of that title by Patricia Fero). The process of facilitated conversations, which are structured according to the “World Café” guidelines (from the book of that name), serve to reveal and gather a group’s “collective wisdom” on the chosen theme.

 I am here to tell you, the wisdom that emerged from the Pittsburgh women participating in these two Awakening Women Cafés was extraordinary. Here are some of the highlights:

 Awakening Women Café: Gathering Women’s Collective Wisdom

 To awaken women’s authentic power, have stillness and deep inner listening—often.

  • Find out what really matters to you and align your life to that.
  • Heart-based authentic conversations create new possibilities.
  • Have compassion, learn from your mistakes.
  • Teach children to love themselves. To teach this, love yourself first.
  • Taking time for “me” is not selfish; it means that “I matter.” From this grounding we help others know they are important too. 
  • Show up fully present and connected to your moment by moment experience—with honesty.
  • Powerfully live female values (compassion, relatedness, intuition, receptivity, cooperation, nurturing) and advocate for them. Feminine qualities have the power to heal.
  • Align with purpose that is heart and soul based. To make a difference, begin where you are—your own family, work, community.
  • Remember and be nourished by the ancient ways of women and the Indigenous cultures.
  • Get strength and support from other women who are open, growing, risking, and real.
  • We are all leaders because we all carry our own truth and wisdom. Lead by sharing: “Each one touch one.”

 ….I invite you to sit a moment now, with these deep words of wisdom gathered from the women of Pittsburgh. Allow a moment to see which of them resonate with you. Then take another moment to see what wisdom you find within, that you might share if you came to one of our Cafés, or in your own authentic, heart-based “conversation that matters.”

The Café participants reveled in the fact that “women are relational beings.” We witnessed first-hand that there is power in gathering and sharing in authentic ways, about creating a better world from the inside out. And that we simply start right where we are.

One of the participants summed up her experience this way: “Hearing of another woman’s awakening helped me know that this is also possible for me, and for learning my purpose on the planet.”

 And THAT’S What Happens When Women Wake Up!

 Women want to use their own transformation to contribute to a world that works for all…and when women all over the world become involved in this process, it accelerates planetary transformation.

 The inspiration for me to offer these Cafés with my Pittsburgh collaborators, Sheila Collins and LaVerne Baker Hotep, was to find a way to create local awareness of the world-wide phenomenon of women transforming the world through their awakened connection to Feminine power. We hoped to link local women’s voices to global women’s voices and stories, in order to accelerate this global movement of awakening women. (see my complete booklet, “Awakened Women Igniting Global Transformation”  that documents this phenomenon, under <articles> at . This booklet is currently being circulated around the country, hand-to-heart. A magnificent additional resource I am involved with is , where we plan to train women to create these Awakening Women Cafés in their communities across the country. )

 A Global Movement of Awakening Women

 What happened here in Pittsburgh is a mirror of what is happening globally with women. Women are waking up to their power to transform our world, through a deep connection to their feminine essence and values. Women are realizing that this imbalanced world needs what women have: relatedness, receptivity, compassion, intuition, collaboration, inclusion, nurturing, and commitment to serve life. Women are gaining support and inspiration from their connections with each other, to contribute their voices, visions and gifts.

 Now, What About the Men?

Men have much to gain by integrating the right-brain qualities traditionally associated with the feminine, and connecting their hearts with their heads. Matthew Fox, author and theologian lectures widely about the need to reclaim a healthy masculinity. This would mean allowing men to have a full range of emotional expression that doesn’t suppress vulnerability or feelings of grief and joy. It means men cultivating deep listening, receptivity and nurturing. Integrating these qualities enhances self-expression, relationships, intimacy and fathering.

Fox goes on to describe such integration as the basis for a fully enlivened sacred partnership that can then arise between the genders, of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. Now THAT’s a worthy topic for future exploration! Other male authors note that it is an important new role for men to support women who are doing the work of repairing the world.

In a culture where ”most of our conversation is a mutual conspiracy to keep us on the surface” (to quote David Rome, originator of the “Deep Listening” practice), and where we suffer from “Attention Deficit Disorder” in our daily interactions with one another, these Cafés may be just the revolutionary approach we need to return to What Matters.

For future Awakening Women Cafés, and related events, please check at . You may respond to this newsletter at .

2010 Blessings from a Blue Moon

A Blue Moon—a second Full Moon in the same month—occurs as we transition out of 2009 on New Year’s Eve, and launch into 2010. What is the significance of that link-up for us humans? What might this occurrence portend for 2010? I asked my dear friend, SisterGoddess and astrologer, Lilan Laishley, PhD, ( to illuminate my understanding. Lilan likes to work with the cosmic influences of the relationship between the Sun and Moon, because their connection mirrors the dance of the Masculine and the Feminine within us and on the planet. She explains that mythically and psychologically speaking, the Sun is a person’s King, the part that uses clarity of consciousness to take empowered action. And the Moon is a person’s Queen, the part that uses deepened inner awareness and intuition to take compassionate action. At the time of a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon “stand across from each other in the sky, aligned in perfect balance.” So each monthly Full Moon offers a different opportunity to create a balance between our inner Kingly Sun and Queenly Moon, to “develop a marriage of harmony” between these two great creative forces that are within each human being and every living thing. Only in this final month of 2009, do we get two chances to do so. Well then, it makes perfect sense to me that December’s second Full Moon on New Year’s Eve—the Blue Moon—is heralding our attention as we transition into 2010. It is amplifying, doubling the message to attend to the need for balance between the Masculine and the Feminine within all humanity, and in behalf of the future of all life, as a focus for this New Year. Synchronistically, this message of restoring balance to the planet through restoring right-relationship between the Masculine and Feminine is a personal passion of mine, and the mission of a group I am involved with, called “Women Waking the World.” It turns out that we are launching our website ( in time for the Full Moon of January 30, 2010. Be sure to check out our web-portal to connect with the world-wide goings-on, as women wake up, connect to their essence, their passion, and mobilize in behalf of the planet, and as men of heart do the same. Then, on that same January Full Moon, come to the first Pittsburgh “Awakening Women Café,” where we will inquire into the topic, “What Happens When Women Wake Up?” (See web announcement for details. A summary of this conversation café will be posted on this website). And have a Happy and balanced 2010.

In Peace, Vkki Hanchin.